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Sonya Kalen: Love Story

I close my eyes and I see him, he hasn’t got a face, or a name, or age. He is just there right beside me the way a man should be. He loves me and I love him, we talk, we laugh, we argue and makeup, we see all the bad in us but take only the good. We have it all, we are best friends, partners in crime, and best lovers. Every time we touch it’s like the whole universe is working for us and chemistry comes naturally. I feel him, breathe him, understand him and him…well he is like a dream come true, is like all that time I have tried to find all this was a waste, like every man I have ever met was there just to prepare me for him and this story, our love story.Then I open my eyes, he is not there but I don’t give up hope.I feel I deserve this man, and I know that somewhere he exists, maybe is one of you and the universe again works so that you read this here, and feel the same way I feel.I am ready for you at liveprivates, are you ready for me? What about giving it a try, lets know each other better.I am here waiting for love with my eyes closed, how about you’ll be the face in front of me when I open them.

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